Products and Services Unique to Writers and Publishers

Everything you need, and plenty of support.

Discounted Journal Hosting

Everything you need to host your literary journal with us.*

Plenty of space and bandwidth.

You Own Databases.

Staff Email.

Extra support!

Free installation of Submission Manager Software.

*Requires $99.95 one-time setup fee which includes a lifetime Submission Manager Software License.

Mass Mailing Services for Journals

Keep in contact with all your writers.

Mailing services with no monthly fees.

Beautiful engaging design tools.

Full statistical reports.

Unlimited lists.

Opt in / Opt out Instantly.

Low rates (.025/email).

Personal Wordpress Blog

Ideal for Author Platforms

Plenty of space and bandwidth

Free Email at Yourdomain

Free Wordpress Setup on Your Domain

Extra Support!

Money Back Guarantee!

Submission Manager V3.4 Full Download

Host Submission Manager Somewhere Else!*

Submission Manager V3.4 by Prolific Press Inc. Manage your submissions, run contests, and keep organized. How you use V3.4 is up to you.

*Requires MySQL and PHP (Tested up to PHP 5.6)

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