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23rd Apr 2020
Billing system error.

So sorry to those who received a duplicate billing this month. After the billing system completed an automatic software upgrade, there seems to have been an error in processing. We're working to fix this. 


13th Feb 2020
The Server Move Has Completed

We have completed the server move. All accounts are now on the new server cloud. We expect many years of good service with the new updated equipment. Some changes you might notice include:In the control panel area, there is a new "Easy Drag-n-Drop Website Builder" (See the software category of icons.). People seem to like it. It's supposed to be ... Read More »

22nd Jan 2020
How to reduce spam to your account.

Hello friends,

If you are having problems with spam and you want to try to mitigate the amount of spam that shows up in your inbox, I have made a video to help you with that. 


Best regards,

11th Jan 2020
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