Server Reboot Completed

We completed a server reboot on Sat 12/08/18 at 1PM (EST). Sorry for any inconvenience. It's necessary to do that once or twice a year to flush out old memory and processes. There were no complications and the server is functioning normally.

8th Dec 2018
Updated The WHMCS

We updated to the latest version of WHMCS (The Account management Software) and added the ability to login via Facebook if that makes things easier for anyone. 

Nothing new to report. Everything is working swimingly.

17th May 2018
Server reboots

We rebooted the servers today around 5:30 EST. If you expreinced a momentary connection difficulty, it was due to the reboot. It's neccessary for server maintenance to reboot occasionally.

12th Dec 2016
We made a few changes today...

Before today, the ordering system required users to press a button to display a hidden menu before all the products and services could be viewed. We changed that today. The new look provides easier navigation for new customers. We recently added more services to the Writers and Publishers category. We immediately received requests from existing ... Read More »

28th Jun 2016
Stress Load Test Successful

We recently tested our load response system and everything went well. We simulated a massive server load and the system responded properly. Other servers came online, load balancers split the traffic, and within a couple of minutes the load was mitigated. These types of tests ensure that a media frenzy or other event that causes huge loads on the ... Read More »

24th Jun 2016
Growing pains...

Please bear with us as we tidy up. Over the next few days we will be overhauling the website and client area. You can still order new services during this time, and use both the new support desk and the old ticket system.

21st Dec 2015

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