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As your web hosting provider, we occasionally need to revisit our use policy to keep up with the times. We have changed our policy.

Most notably, we now expressly prohibit crypto mining and doxing. See the notes below.

Crypto websites that promote information are fine. Our intention is to prevent abuse and testing of actual mining applications that consume our server resources. Additionally, any dissemination of mining software or exploitation, where the end user is not purposefully installing mining software to any system, within or outside of our network, with full knowledge of every permission and function, are forbidden.

Doxing or doxxing is the act of publicly revealing previously private personal information about an individual or organization, usually through the Internet. Methods employed to acquire such information include searching publicly available databases and social media websites (like Facebook), hackingsocial engineering and, through websites such as Grabify, a site specialized in revealing IP addresses through a fake link. Doxing may be carried out for various reasons, including online shamingextortion, and vigilante aid to law enforcement. It also may be associated with hacktivism. For more clarification, see:  

Our use policy is always available for you to read:

Thank you and we hope you have a great holiday season. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

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